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Water Dumbbells

The world's first at home & travel-friendly dumbbell set is here and it's more affordable than ever!

Why pay thousands for full dumbbell sets when you can have your own set of 35-55lbs dumbbells for less than 1/10 of the price?

Adjustable Water Dumbbells make it easier than ever to get a workout at home!

Why you NEED these:

  • Fully Adjustable from 35-55lbs per dumbbell 
  • The entire set weighs less than 2lbs 
  • Fully Functional Dumbbells for all your favorite exercises
  • Perfect for home, travel or outside workouts
  • Soft Material with water - extremely safe unlike metal dumbbells


What's Included

8 x Dumbbell Tubes

8 x Screw-on Nuts

2 x Non-Slip Handles

4 x Extension Rods